Thursday, December 4, 2008


I'll write more later, but I am currently in Philadelphia after leaving Havana this morning.  Two images:  a family immigrating, the school-aged child enthusiastic,  the father taciturn and the mother weeping quietly as she leaves that most beautiful island, green and verdant and decaying.
The Everglades as we land; the house-lawns are green and the Everglades are a desert, with canals siphoning the water to Miami.
I'm home.  Got to board now.
I've been back for a few days, and opened my paper today- the NY Times magazine has a brilliant cover story that summarizes my thoughts about Cuba pretty well here.  I think that I will refer you to that.   He really captures the terrible beauty of a revolution that achieved so much at an unbearable cost:  "Cuba catches my heart and then makes me count the cost of that enchantment".
Another addendum:  The New York Times is on a serious Havana kick-  check out Roger Cohen's column here.  I hereby volunteer to bring Ilse to Havana, so that we will always have Paris.  And I feel the same way about New York.

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