Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmastime at the Blog: Rosie D at the turning of the year

Been a while since I posted, which doesn't mean that there is nothing going on the in the world of children's mental health reform in Massachusetts.  It mostly means that I have been baking bread, a nice Swedish rye that my nieces call "limpa", but isn't quite.  What it is, is delicious, and a little time consuming, and I've make close to 100 loaves in the last week.  Now if it can just get the gifts wrapped tonight.....
I'm sitting on some interesting stuff, too, that would be worth a bit of commentary:
CMS Update
The State Plan Amendment for Intensive Care Coordination has been officially approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). We continue to have helpful and productive conversations with CMS about the six remaining Remedy services.

The whole plan depends on Medicaid being able to cover ICC as well as the other intensive home based services, and that requires Federal approval.  It's great that we have approval for the care coordination, but without the other services, then the wraparound will only be partial.  Congratulation to the folks at the CBHI for getting this done, and we can only hope that they can get the rest together soon.

Perhap I'll post the recipe for my Swedish rye bread on Christmas.  Until then, hope that the holidays are treating you well.

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