Thursday, December 18, 2008

Biederman Responds to Charges of Pharma's Influence

Original post, December 7th, 2008:  So, a week later, Dr. Biederman sent out his response to the charges that his Center at MGH has been tainted by Johnson & Johnson's money as it may the world safe for respiridol.  Check out his comments in the Globe here.  Apparently, he was not available for comment when the story broke, but has written a letter to the Globe, in which he points out that he was always transparent about the source of his funding, given that he named to the Center the Johnson and Johnson Center.  I find myself wishing that the Globe had simply published the letter, rather then simply reporting on it.  Would have been more interesting.
Update, December 18th, 2008:  Dr. Biederman has a letter in today's Wall St. Journal, saying that essentially that the appearance of corruption is in the eye of the beholder. He accuses the Journal of poor journalism.  I applaud the Journal for actually printing the letter.

Update 27 Dec 2008: Check out Marcia Angell's excellent article in the New York Review of Books on the same subject. This one just won't go away.

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