Sunday, August 9, 2009

Off for a Walk in the Woods

So, I'm heading off for 3 day walk on the Appalachian Trail with my family and a few friends- more on that later. I have just finished a solid week of primary care with little time to blog; mostly well child visits for boys in early and late adolescence. My screens have mostly been negative; several young men have needed referral for standard mental health services (counseling for outbursts or depression). I've had one family that I sent to the CSA for care coordination. The family from last week (the boy who was acting out here) had two kids in for a well child check- the CSA seems to be working out pretty well for them.

And I got this e-mail:

Kim RXXXXX-SXXXX - a clinician from Counseling and Assessment Clinic of Worcester called regarding XXXXXXX. Meeting is on August XXth at XX:30 - location at their office which is at 51 Union Street, Suite 104, Worcester, MA (over by Maxwell Silverman's). Work Cell # : XX-XXX-XXXX.
My first invitation to an CSA Meeting to coordinate care. I can't go, of course- patients are scheduled, and, if I still had a care coordinator, I would send her in my stead. But I was invited!!

It's a start.

See you after we get back from the mountains.

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