Tuesday, August 4, 2009

An Approach to Destroying Health Insurance Reform: If You Can't Win the Argument, Make It Impossible to Have One

I could not attend today's "Town Hall Meeting" in Worcester, in which our Congressman tried to lay out the case for health reform. My wife was there (and in the picture in the Telegram and Gazette); she was appalled by the tactics used to stifle discussion. There is a story about the tactics on the NPR blog that I commend to all to read here and another story in the NY Times here. Also, our friend and sometime poster Robbin Miller posted her thoughts:
I attended a Health Insurance Reform in Worcester today that was co-sponsored by Congressmen Neil and McGovern.
You can be my post at www.therapistsforchange.blogspot.com
I would be interested in hearing your comments.

Robbin Miller, LMHC

It is a little worrisome, but not unexpected, to find those opposed to health reform are using a bit of guerrilla theater. Logic dictates change- so to fight change, one must drown out logical thought. We will see how it plays in the rest of the world.

Meanwhile, the President visited a Children's Hospital today. Check out the speech
here. Not a bad thing.

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