Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Sincerest Form of Flattery

If imitation is the sincerest from of flattery, then the Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership should be flattered.  This from Nationwide Children's Hospital sounds very familiar:
"To help empower pediatricians and family doctors, pediatric psychiatrists and mental health specialists at Nationwide Children’s have developed a program called the Telephone Decision Support Service which provides primary care doctors with a second opinion for diagnosing and managing mental health problems in children.

When presented with a patient whom general practice doctors feel may be suffering from a mental condition and could benefit from prescription medications, the doctor can contact an on-call psychiatrist or advanced practice nurse at Nationwide Children’s to discuss the case. After hearing the doctor’s findings and opinion, the decision support professionals offer insight as to course of treatment."
Sounds an awful like the MCPAP program.  While we in Massachusetts have our problems, it is nice to see others benefitting from our solutions.

I'm working on my talk for the upcoming "Rosie D" forums today, and planning a trip to the Naval Academy for my nephew's graduation on Friday- if I don't post, have a good Memorial Day weekend.

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