Saturday, May 30, 2009

New Director for CMS: Should be good for Implementing Rosie D.

From simutaneous NEACH and Community Catalyst e-mail blasts:

We wanted to pass along some great news to you: Cindy Mann, Director of Georgetown University Center for Children and Families, has been appointed by the Obama Administration to lead the Center for Medicaid and State Operations (CMSO) which oversees Medicaid and CHIP at the federal level.  Cindy will begin her new position on June 8.  Here is the statement from her blog:  

Last November, excitement over the prospects for real change swept a new President into office and gave hope to many who had long since lost hope that things could get better and that government could do good.  We all have our own criteria for what constitutes "real" or "good" change, but whatever change may mean, the majority of Americans soundly embraced it, even though we all know that change can sometimes be hard.  

For us at CCF, the promise of change has just taken on a new reality.  I am truly honored to have been selected by this Secretary, by this Administration, to lead the Centers for Medicaid and State Operations, otherwise known as "Medicaid" (though it also encompasses CHIP).  It is a great privilege to serve as a public servant in this Administration. The opportunity presented is enormously exciting and more than a little daunting.  Collectively, we have the chance of a lifetime to ensure that every person in America has access to affordable, quality coverage and to make Medicaid and CHIP the best programs they can be.  How can we do anything less?

Since all of the Rosie D. remedy services must pass through Medicaid, it is good to know that she favors a comprehensive approach to child health.

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