Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend: A Bit of a Digression

As some of you saw, we spent a good part of the weekend in Annapolis and Washington, in which it is not uncommon to see folks in uniform.  Good people, who want to serve and to do their best.  Whenever I saw them, I thanked them for their service.  I don't always agree with what our country decides to do with our armed forces, but I respect those who wish to serve and appreciate the sacrifices that they and their families make on our behalf.  The Vietnam memorial was too crowded to visit; the Korean War memorial was too eery.  Between them, though, was President Lincoln, reminding us that war is ultimately the result of a failure of politics, and that we need to build infrastructure to make war obsolete.  Paradoxically, our servicemen and women are part of that infrastructure.

Thank you to all who have worn the uniform; your service is not forgotten.

(The picture is to remind us all of what a freshly minted Ensign looks like)

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