Friday, July 10, 2009

Lots of Kids Need the CBHI: I Wonder How the System is Doing.

As I have have said, I am mostly a primary care pediatrician.   That said,  I keep giving out information about the CBHI to families who come into the office for reasons not at all related to their mental health problems.  A grandmother today brought in her granddaughter for a cough, and in the course of our discussion, I discovered that the little girl was now on a third psychotropic medication for her difficult behaviors.  That grandmother left with treatment for her cold and with the words "Children's Behavioral Health Initiative" on a card to try to get Home-Based Behavioral Therapy for the child's mother.  Then there are the children who come in for annual physicals who, I think, would benefit from the new services.  Most of them have therapists and some even have psychologists;  the families could just use more.  Then, there are children like the one whose mother called today- he's three years old, his behaviors are out of control and he needs to be evaluated and his mother needs support.  I sent him into the system as well-  I think that he will end up in the CBHI.

So I am sending the patients into the system;  time will tell us how they end up.  Any stories from the CSAs?  How are you all doing at finding them all of the services that they need?

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