Thursday, July 30, 2009

End of Month 1 of the New Mental Health Order: How Are We Doing?

So, my mini-vacation ended on Tuesday night, and, as you may have noticed, I did not rush in to post something. What is up, you may want to know?
First, there is the "back to work" shock: there really is a lot to do. Many small details of packing and moving and leaving needed attention, and I spent a good chunk of Wednesday attending to them. I may have been able to post, but I didn't have much to say.
Second, there is guilt- I missed the first Systems of Care Meeting for South Worcester County. That clearly would have been something to blog about-but I was in Worcester, and I needed to be in Douglas after that, and I couldn't figure out how to integrate a 4:30 PM meeting in Southbridge into that schedule. I hope that it went well, but I just couldn't get myself out there.
Third, there is the whole "national health insurance reform" thing going on- it is just a little distracting.
Still, these are excuses. The fact of the matter is that today was just not a major mental health sort of day. Or was it? I did get some records from a therapist about a child about whom I am quite worried. Child is a grader schooler, having outbursts of anger and rage, that have gotten him kicked off of the school bus and are really interfering with what he can do. That family saw a therapist who felt that it was all ADHD (and wanted us to medicate the lad). I am not so certain of the diagnosis, and, since mother is having trouble with rides to appointments, I sent them to the CSA in the hope of getting some care coordination. Guess there are always mental health issues, except when I am asleep.
Speaking of which, I must sleep now. Later.

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