Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Early and Periodic Screening: More Evidence of Change

Short post today-  I am continuing to see a lot of patients since the end of my Fellowship, and that leaves little time for writing or reflection.  Still, the roll-out of the CBHI is showing up here in my little corner of Massachusetts.

Summer physicals continue;  each one accompanied by a PSC or a PSC-Y.  I did at least 10 yesterday, and had at least 4 positives.  One was on brothers- a 7 year old with major behavior problems on 3 meds already and his 3 year old brother with speech problems who we have been trying to assess for PDD.  When I went to explain that they were eligible for the CBHI through MassHealth, she said "That sounds like the people who are coming to my house on Friday".  THe grandmother started to tell me about "wraparound".

The system seems to be embracing this family and their problems.

Called the family from Friday;  got voice-mail.  Hope that they are hooked in and doing OK.

The other two kids who screened positive were one teen with a cannibis-problem who seems uninterested in change and another kids with ADHD who thinks that he will make it through summer school OK and doesn't need more services at the present time.

The first of the Systems of Care Committee meetings happened last week-  I wonder if anyone can tell me how they went?

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