Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What is up with the CBHI?

Not being on the ground in Massachusetts, I rely on others to keep me abreast of our progress in implementing the CBHI. According to the Center for Public Representation:

Community Service Agencies Engage Over 1,200 Families

During the first two months of implementation of Community Service Agencies (CSAs) and Intensive Care Coordination services (ICC), more than 1,200 children have applied and are being actively assessed for ICC. Many have been provided Family Partners to assist them in the assessment process. By the end of August, referrals to ICC had increased to over 200 per week.

CSAs have approached staffing decisions quite differently. Some have only hired the minimal number of staff: three service coordinators and one family partner. Others have hired many more coordinators and partners. Overall, as of the end of August, there were 127 care coordinators, 33 senior care coordinators, 74 family partners, and 27 senior family partners. Despite pre-implementation concerns about workforce challenges, CSAs have had a significant number of applications for each ICC position.

All service coordinators have caseloads at or below the maximum number of eighteen. The Court will consider and decide on the defendants' challenge to the Monitor's recommendation on caseload limits, data collection, and monitoring at the next status conference, scheduled for September 28, 2009.

Training and coaching for ICC teams by the new wraparound training provider, VandenBerg and Associates, begins this month.

According to the Center for Public Representation, progress is being made:

MA CANS Facts: August 2009

Number of: May June July August

MA CANS trained clinicians 7,639 8,067 8,282 8,328

MA CANS trained certified clinicians

7,123 7,322 7,780 7,827

MA CANS records in CANS data base

4,555 7,322 10,008 13,038

Organizations submitting CANS records

136 169 188 199

Progress indeed. But how are the kids doing? Only time will tell.

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