Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Going to Baltimore for the Pediatric Academic Society meetings

On Thursday, I leave to 6 days of meetings in Baltimore, the Pediatric Academic Societies meetings, an annual gathering of 5,000 pediatricians who talk about all that is happening in our field.  I may be able to post from the meetings.  There certainly will be a lot of discussions about Children's Mental Health and system change.  The titles alone are intriguing;  many of the questions we have all seen in our quest to build a better system in Massachusetts will be discussed by leading researchers from around the country.  This is what I saw on a "quick scan" of what is going on:

Title: [2115.6] Evaluation of the PHQ-2 Depression Screener among Adolescents

Title: [2809.83] Racial/Ethnic Disparities among US Adolescents in Medical and Oral Health, Access to Care, and Use of Health Services

Title: [2809.85] An Educational Intervention for Optimizing Adolescent Mental Health Screening Skills and Treatment

Title: [4322.33] Impact of Integrated Mental Health Services on Residents' Perceptions and Practices in Continuity Clinic

Title: [4329.104] California Children with Mental Disorder: Predictors of Emergency Department Disposition

Title: [4329.105] Detection and Referral of Mental Health Problems in the Primary Care Setting: One University-Based Center's Experience

Title: [4329.106] Effects of Primary Care Provider Communication Training That Predict Child and Youth Mental Health Outcomes

Title: [4329.107] Psychological Distress and Mental Health Care Utilization among Asian Adolescents in California

Title: [4750.5] Differences between Parent and Teen Reported Mental Health (MH) Problems among Those in Foster Care

Title: [4740.7] Collaborative Care Interventions for ADHD in Pediatric Primary Care

Title: A Practical Approach to Mental Health Care Treatment in the Pediatric Primary Care Setting.

Title: [5140.6] Mental Health, Physical Health, and Home Environments of In-Home, Foster, and Kin Caregivers of Children Investigated by Child Protective Services

Title: [5514.226] Physical Health and Mental Health Services Utilization among US Children — 2008

Title: [5514.256] Self-Efficacy as a Mediator between Child Hospitalizations and Maternal Depression

Title: [5516.314] Culturally Effective Shared Decision Making (SDM) in ADHD

Title: [5521.392] Needs Assessment: Creating a Mental Health Home for Latino Children

Title: [5521.401] Factors Affecting Parental Mental Health Treatment Initiation in Children and Adolescents

If I make it to half of these, I will learn much.  And I will try to blog about it.

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