Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So, where are we now?

As I wrote on Friday, it has been interesting for me over the past few days to reflect on the strange, winding path along which children's mental health services has meandered over the past few years.   There is a wonderful perspective piece in this month's Academic Pediatrics (full disclosure-  I am currently chair of the Journal Committee at the Academic Pediatric Association) entitled "Evolution of Child Mental Health Services in Primary Care", which you can access through your library.  The authors looked at how the literature on the provision of mental health services has changed since the days of the "new morbidity" in the 1970s;  proposals have moved from improved communication and better screening to the development of clinical protocols and co-located/integrated services in the context of the medical home.  They present a pretty optimistic view of the future-  it is worth a look.

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