Friday, February 27, 2009

Rosie D and the Great Recession: A Modified Court Order

This just came down from the Court in Springfield.  I confess to enjoying reading the jargon of the Court;  I know that they don't wear wigs anymore, but all of those episodes of Masterpiece Theatre just give me an image of a judge that is probably much more severe than was seen in real life.  Thanks, Judge Posner:

"The court is sensitive to the difficult decisions that these economic times force onto the Commonwealth and is willing to respond with some degree of flexibility. On the other hand, these children have already waited far too long
for the services they are legally entitled to under the Medicaid statute. The modification adopted by the court represents the fairest and most sensible balance achievable in this situation.
Based on the foregoing, the court hereby ALLOWS Defendants’ Motion to Modify Judgment (Dkt. No. 431), to the extent that In-Home Behavioral Services and Therapeutic Mentoring Services may commence by October 1, 2009, In-Home Therapy Services may commence by November 1, 2009, and Crisis Stabilization Services may commence by December 1, 2009. In all other respects, the original Remedial Order of February 22, 2007 will remain as issued.
It is So Ordered."

Case 3:01-cv-30199-MAP Document 443 Filed 02/27/2009

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