Friday, August 1, 2008

Secretary Leavitt has a blog

Since I am a major believer in dialogue, I was excited to learn that Secretary Leavitt has a blog on HHS.  It makes fascinating reading-  he is clearly a more regular contributor to it than am I.  Here's the link.  I haven't found much on mental health care yet, but I am sure that I will.
I know, I should be reflecting on the Legislative session that just ended.  The Mental Health bill did not go through;  Health Care for All tells us not to give up hope, so I haven't yet.  Read about it on "A Healthy Blog".  Since I am not reflecting on that, I should be reflecting on the Judge's ruling in the Rosie D. settlement that the evaluation of a child's mental health condition to determine if he or she is part of the class of "seriously emotionally disturbed" children will not be a "disability-like" process.  You can read about that here.  
Instead, I have been contemplating the storms that swept through the Falcon Ridge folk festival last weekend, creating a almost-tornado in a field full of campers.  I was there, but didn't have my camera out; stuff is starting to appear on YOUTUBE-  it's a little scary when the folks with their ear to the Weather Service say "Run to your cars, now".  Kind of puts all of this in perspective. (Note the tent collapsing in the background).
Hope we have better weather this weekend.  Be well, all.

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