Friday, April 11, 2008

Where Have I Been?: Back in the land of Primary Care

Oddly, I have posted nothing in the last three days, and the rate of "hits" the site has gone up (from 9/day to 10/day, which is either an 11% increase or completely insignificant). What happened, you may ask. Spring. I rode 42 miles on Wednesday, and saw patients on Thursday and Friday. Lots of pretty complicated patients. So, how does it look from the world of primary care, you may ask? I guess I am an optimist: the state of America's children was looking pretty good.
My favorites are always the readers- I do have a number of them in my practice. Harry Potter has passed, now- got into a long discussion with a 13 year old about the Dark Material's series of Phillip Pullman. He liked the movie, but preferred the book. Even my "non-reader" clientele, however, are fun to get to know. Babies who eat their books are also fun. Most of my patients over the past few days seemed relatively stable, which was nice to hear.
Many, however, were trying to access the system (none with any degree of success). One saw a neuropsychologist this week, which I see as a major accomplishment. The neuropsychologist, of course, told me that everything we thought that we knew about this child was wrong. And she had data with which to back it up. Can we really make this better? Others are calling, being but on waiting lists that subsequently are lost. One lad really does like his counsellor; he's making progress. And FST called me about a patient as well; they are (apporpriately concerned). All of them see the system as broken and are looking forward to the reforms promised under Rosie D and the Children's Mental Health Initiative.
More to follow.

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