Thursday, December 20, 2012

Reflections on NewTown: Now It is Time to Do.

Been a week now, since the news started to come out of Newtown, a place not far from where I was born and raised.  A week of tears, a week of anger, a week in which I watched the pediatric community wake and notice that, all of a sudden, children were important.  I was very proud of my two professional organizations, as they took stands that move them down a political path that is focused on children and will help bend the arc of history toward justice, just a little bit.  Check out here and here;  we are starting to move.  We will do something about guns of mass destruction,   we will do something about mental health services and we will remind people about the power of non-violent conflict resolution.  It's going to be a journey.  There is much work to do.

Haven't blogged much over the past few years.  This seems a good time to start up again.  We'll see where this goes. If you didn't see the President call us out, you should.

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