Friday, July 11, 2008

Why we need a system: ERs are not the best access point

So, I was perusing the net and found this from the Boston Globe (this was a post begun a while ago and never completed).  It seems that, despite lots of good intentions, the Emergency Room is still a lousy way to access the mental health system.  I think that this pretty clearly demonstrates that "I need it now" is a terrible way to allocate beds within our current system.  I was especially troubled by the "child transported from school scenario", in which an "out of control" child is taken from school to EMH, and found to need hospitalization.  Would the same transfer happen if the child were at home?  Do we avoid this problem by having school out for the summer?

We need a system soon.  Let's get the legislation through so that we can use the CBHI to implement it.

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