Monday, June 2, 2008

Contact Your Representative and Senator to Preserve MCPAP Funding Increase

From Health Care for All's website:

As you know, the State Senate's FY 2009 budget contained $250,000 in new funds to begin implementation of the Massachusetts Child Psychiatric Project (MCPAP) in schools. 

These mental health consultative services will allow schools to better address the mental health needs of their students.  Expansion of MCPAP to schools is an important part of An Act Relative To Children's Mental Health.  
However, because this funding was not included in the House budget, it is important that all Representatives and Senators hear from us to make sure that it is included in the final version of the State FY 09 Budget. 
With the Senate budget finalized, deliberations move on to the Conference Committee. The Conference Committee is made up of three Representatives and three Senators (4 Democrats and 2 Republicans) who are responsible for coming up with a compromise budget based on the House and Senate budgets. Once completed, this budget will be sent to Governor Patrick. This year's Conference Committee is made up of senators Panagiotakos, Brewer, and Knapik; and representatives DeLeo, St Fleur and deMacedo.
Please reach out to your networks and ask them to contact their State Senator and State Representative, asking them to contact the conferees in support of the funding increase for MCPAP included in the Senate Budget (line item 5042-5000).

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