Friday, March 14, 2008

Also of Interest: My e-mail runneth over...

Still off running a conference:  I promise more substantive blogging soon.  But this came from an Academy Listserve that I am on, and seemed worth sharing:

Paper Highlights State and Local Innovation in Finance Policy for Child Behavioral Health Services
from MCH Alert, March 7, 2008
Towards Better Behavioral Health for Children, Youth and Their Families: Financing That Supports Knowledge provides an overview of sources of funding (and their policy roots) that underwrite children's behavioral health services, illuminating the flaws and prospects of various policy choices. The working paper is the third in a series titled Unclaimed Children Revisited produced by the National Center for Children in Poverty. Although the paper focuses on public funding for mental health and on substance abuse services within the behavioral health arena, it also addresses related funding in education, child welfare, and juvenile justice. Topics include an overview of children's behavioral services, an overview of federal behavioral health funding streams and their impact, fiscal innovation in states and local communities, and challenges and opportunities. The authors conclude the paper with recommendations for policy actions to create and sustain a supportive federal and state fiscal environment. The paper is available here.

Back to the frozen north soon!

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