Monday, January 7, 2008

Our first poll: Is screening for mental health problems in children an invasion of privacy?

Our first poll is done- thanks to the six of you who voted. Most felt we should plow ahead. The results are:

No, because it is better to know than not know. 4 (66%)
No, because we have a number of good treatment modalities available. 1 (16%)
Yes, because we have no proven intervention for the illness. 1 (16%)

So what did I learn from this activity? First, that polls need to be simpler. I should have just said "YES", "NO" and "MAYBE" and allowed folks to post their thoughts as comments in the blogsite. Next time I will do so. Second, I learned that there are at least six of you who stop by to visit from time to time. Watching this number grow will be a useful metric for me as this process continues. FInally, I learned that we are not generating much clash. Of the six who responded, 5 of you are optimists. We need to broaden the conversation, if the Rosie D. process is to have any impact.

I'm submitting an OP-ED to the Worcester Telegram and Gazette soon- perhaps that will generate more audience.

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