Friday, December 14, 2007

Discussion in the Blizzard: A Day Off the Blog

It snowed yesterday in New England;  I didn't get this posting out in time.   This is not new; I had some thoughts that I used in a conversation with a number of families, and I formed them into a handout:  
10 things parents should know before seeking a diagnosis of ADHD
  • Your child is a wonderful person, with a unique way of looking at the world. 
  • AD/HD is a disorder only insofar as it interferes with your child’s ability to function in society.
  • People with AD/HD do not have short attention spans; they simply do not know to what they should give priority. They pay attention to everything.
  • There is no “test” for AD/HD; it’s a clinical diagnosis based on history, and the diagnosis is only as good as the history on which it is based.
  • Diagnosis and treatment should be separate things.
  • No one can force you to give medications to your child.
  • AD/HD responds well to limits and reinforcement- 504 plans can be very useful
  • Stimulant medications make everyone more focused. Even you.
  • Children grow and develop, even with AD/HD.
  • There is little evidence to support using two psychotropic medications to treat AD/HD in children, and none to support using three.
I would be interested in your thoughts, pro and con.  Let me know.

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